Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Modern Family Gets Married at the Hawthorne Hotel

We recently received this lovely thank you email and photos, and thought you might enjoy sharing with us.

As a point of information, Christine is Christine Turner, who is our Assistant Director of Catering, and is the person that does the planning with the couples who are married here (as do Karen Cotton, our Director of Catering, and Laura Abraham and Lindsay Otis who are Catering Sales Managers) and Britony is Britony Wells who on occasion is a Wedding Coordinator for us.

Every wedding that is booked here at the Hawthorne Hotel is handled in this professional manner -- by a Sales Professional who is skilled in helping our clients make the best choices for their special day and who will make sure every detail is committed to a written record, and by a Wedding Coordinator who is highly talented at managing the actual wedding reception itself.

We believe it takes two differing skill sets to handle these very different jobs -- both are equally important on our team, and both are the best in their particular field.


Christine and Britony,

We would like to thank you again for making our special day that much more amazing. Our wedding was everything we dreamed and so much more because you both were a part of it. Everyone we speak to, if they want to get married in Salem, we tell them the Hawthorne Hotel, Christine and Britony. You gals were amazing.

We would love to extend a seasons greetings to you and all of your family. Stay warm and enjoy every moment with the ones you love during these holidays that bring us so close together.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

Warmest Wishes,

Gina and Rebecca C
Niamh and Conor

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Wow, a Great Post on Another Blog

. . . about a winter wedding here at the Hawthorne Hotel. Be sure to play the slide show at the very bottom of this post to see LOTS and LOTS of views of the Hawthorne Hotel.

Nice work by this photographer, Stacie Kirkwood. Thanks so much!


Thank You Notes Like This Delight Us

In order to read this more clearly, just click on the image.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Candy Station with Cake and Coffee

Wedding clients vary regarding how they wish to have their wedding cake served to their guests. Some opt for the more formal table service, and some would prefer a self-serve buffet. Often the cake station is combined with a coffee station, and sometimes the coffee station will be upgraded with whipped cream, shaved chocolate, cinnamon sticks and the like to make it just a little bit fancier.

In the case of this guest, they opted for a cake/coffee station coupled with a candy station. I hope you enjoy this peak at a different part of our set up. I know the guests at this wedding really enjoyed it, because I barely had a chance to take photos before they were right there, choosing their favorites with great glee!

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A Different View of the Ballroom

We received this email recently and thought you might enjoy reading it. I especially enjoyed seeing this fresh view of the Grand Ballroom, which was set with a sweetheart table, and gold ballroom chairs.


Hi Christine,

I wanted to thank you again for helping us plan such a beautiful wedding! Everything ran just as smoothly as I was hoping (thank you, Claire!). The ballroom looked gorgeous and I couldn't have been happier. I attached some pictures from the night (the files are large so I need to send in multiple emails) - feel free to use some on the blog! If you do post any, please give credit to our photographer - Black Thumb Studio (Jeff Turner).

Thank you again to everyone at the hotel for making our night so special!!

Courtney and Jeff

Photo courtesy of Black Thumb Studio (Jeff Turner)

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wow! A Beautiful Wedding Photo at the Hawthorne Hotel


This is one of those photos that says what a thousand words cannot describe. What a handsome couple, too!

I hope you enjoy it.

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