Monday, April 29, 2013

"Movies" the Theme for this Wedding

Recently we were fortunate to be the host venue for the Rogers-Quagliozzi Wedding.   It was such fun, since they chose a "movie" theme for their wedding because they both love movies.
Old movie reels, painted silver and gold, to go with the themed colors of the event.
Our bride spray-painted a film reel carrier and cut a hole in the top for her envelope receptacle.

Place cards looked like movie theater tickets, and instead of table numbers the tables were named for the couples favorite movies.

The wedding ceremony in the Grand Ballroom.

Table names, each card having a photo of the movie names.  The borders had stars that were hand-punched by the bride.

The sign for the guest book encouraged guests to leave notes about their memory of the couple and about their favorite movies.

The cupcake tree in place of the wedding cake featured a stand made for the couple by her students as a wedding gift.  The stars were made by the bride's friend, and were painted with edible silver and gold paint to match the theme of the wedding.  Everyone was a star this night!

And for the final fillip, there were favors to take home that were also appropriately themed popcorn packages.

It is always fun to work with couples that have a flair for the dramatic.  I hope you enjoy seeing this as well, and that it might inspire you for your wedding plans.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

In Case You Missed This Wedding

Here is a link to a post on our regular "Daily Diary" with a lot of photos of a recent, and beautiful, wedding in our Grand Ballroom.  I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Beautiful pink, coral and gold-toned wedding


Friday, April 19, 2013

Scenes from the Wedding Tasting

This past week we held our quarterly wedding tasting in our Grand Ballroom.   Here are a lot of photos of the different tables that we set so that our guests could see how varying colors, styles and other aspects can look in our beautiful space.

This table features a number of "upgrades" such as beautiful linens, chargers, and upgraded flowers, as well as specialty chairs.  It really makes this into a fairy-tale wedding setting.

 Isn't this pink overlay tablecloth just gorgeous?

 Emerald is a "hot color" for the upcoming wedding season according to our sources.
Beautiful upgraded centerpiece

These specialty plates really add a "glam" look to the tables.
 This tablecloth overlay is a gorgeous shade of soft green that is stunning in our Ballroom
I love this unique style of centerpiece, with three differing blooms arranged in bunches in three different vases.  This is an upgraded centerpiece.

Even the "standard" tables are beautiful.  This centerpiece is one that is available in the package that includes flowers.

Karen O'Kane, our Director of Catering, surveying the room just prior to opening the doors.

Everything on the table is "standard" with the one upgrade of the tuxedo striped overlays.  Stunning!
If you are looking for a way to save money, this oil candle centerpiece is available to our wedding clients who choose a package without flowers. The client only needs to provide the rose petals, which are very inexpensive compared to a floral centerpiece.

This is a "package" centerpiece.

Our standard chairs, table linen and flowers look lovely.

Stationed hors d'oeuvres -- Crudites with hummus.  Cheese Display.

In the background, Karen O'Kane - Director of Catering and Claire Kallelis, Director of Food & Beverage/Assistant General Manager are ready to open the doors.

Each quarter we host a "tasting" for the next quarter's wedding couples. We start with a reception featuring stationed and passed hors d'oeuvres, and then proceed to a huge dinner where our couples can taste six or seven different entrees along with a variety of appropriate accompaniments.  The dinner starts with alternating portions of two served appetizers, goes to a couple of different salads, and then on to the entree selections.  We finish up with two dessert items to taste, and conclude with a tasting of about five or six of Montilio's wedding cakes.
I hope you enjoy seeing how we do things for our wedding clients here at the Hawthorne Hotel, and of course, I hope to see you here. Bring your appetite.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gorgeous and Unusual Flowers for an Elegant Wedding

This past weekend we served a wedding group that had their wedding at the PEM, and their post-wedding breakfast and accommodations arrangements here at the Hawthorne Hotel.  It was for the Leight-Satvat wedding.

The flowers from the wedding were so unusual, and so beautiful, and were brought back to the Hotel to be used again as centerpieces for the breakfast, that we had to take photos of them here that morning.

They were done by a company called Floral Fantasy by Shoeleh.  They are located in Stoughton, MA which is about an hour away from Salem, and are highly respected by our client.

Here are some snapshots:


Photographs by Adam McInnes with his trusty iPhone.  Thanks, Adam!

We really enjoyed seeing these fabulous arrangement.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cool Blog

A friend of mine has a family member who writes this really cute blog.  I thought I would share it with you just because it has some cute ideas in it.


Here Comes the Lovely -- A Cute Blog for Wedding Folks

I hope to see you here.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wedding Tasting Events

If you book a wedding reception here at the Hawthorne Hotel, you will want to know all about this really important event.

Karen Cotton, Director of Catering
Our Group Wedding Tastings take place four times each year, with the menu focusing on the season of your Wedding date. The next one is scheduled for April 17, and if your wedding is coming up during the summer you should have already received an invitation.  It is definitely an event you do not want to miss!

This tasting evening begins with a reception offering passed sparkling wine, as well as stationed and passed hors d’oeuvres. During the reception, you will have the opportunity to walk around the Ballroom and view all the tables set with a variety of linens, as well as view the beautiful floral centerpieces from Flowers by Darlene.

You will then be seated for a four-course dinner with wine served at the table.. A catering representative will be at your table to answer questions about your wedding. Everyone will sample appetizers and salads before being invited up to the dinner buffet.  At the beginning of the buffet you will see sample plates of food displayed, so that you can envision how we will plate your entrees.

While your event will not be served buffet-style, utilizing a buffet for this tasting will allow you to taste a minimum of six different entrees as well as different accompaniments and vegetable options—you are encouraged to try as many as you like.

Following dinner, dessert and coffee will be served.  In addition to dessert, several of our most popular wedding cakes from Montilio’s will be available on a station for you to try.

While many wedding venues offer a tasting appointment for their couples, we believe our wedding tasting event sets us apart, because our couples can try so many different things, interact with other couples, view a variety of table linens, and flower arrangements, and try our wines -- all in one evening.

If your wedding is booked for October, November or December, the tasting for that one will be in July.  We always send out the invitations at least one month in advance.  Tentatively right now that tasting is scheduled for July 17 -- however, we will let you know definitely in the beginning of June.  Watch your e-mail.

We know from experience that our couples really appreciate the extra effort we make to host a spectacular wedding "tasting" event, so we hope you will make sure your plans include coming here to the Hawthorne Hotel for the appropriate tasting.

If for some reason you anticipate not being able to attend the tasting you would normally be invited to, be sure to check in with your catering sales manager -- perhaps you can attend the one just prior -- for example, if you know you are going to be gone for the month of July this year, and your wedding falls in the last quarter of the year, perhaps you can attend the April 17 event instead?

We hope to see you here.