Friday, August 24, 2012

Intriguing Details, Lovely Wedding

We love seeing ideas for the details of a wedding reception, so having a bird's-eye view right here at the Hawthorne Hotel makes our jobs ideal.
The place cards were also a favor, as they were photo holders as well.  There was a photo booth provided for guests to enjoy during the wedding reception, so the plastic sleeve holding the place card became a place to put the photo strip from the photo booth.
The back side of the place card explained what to do, and asked for a copy of the photos from the photo booth to be left for the bride and groom.

This sign, made by the bride, was used to welcome guests to the wedding ceremony on the Salem Common.  Very sweet sentiment expressed in a lovely way!
Instead of table numbers, the "street signs" of important places.
A lovely thought for the couple, on the sweetheart table.
Cute cake topper for Mr. & Mrs. Lovebirds.

On the reverse side of each "street sign" was the city and state, and the reason for that street's inclusion.
Loved this one!

What a delightful couple, who really put themselves into their wedding.  I wish them a long and joyous marriage.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Lovely-in-Lavender Wedding

Here is a link to the page we just published showing a beautiful wedding in the Grand Ballroom, that was designed by Nuexquisite Event Designer, and took place this past weekend.

I hope you enjoy it.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some More Views of the Grand Ballroom

This Friday-night wedding had the Ballroom set for only 70 guests, but the room still looked lovely.



Friday, August 10, 2012

Darling and Different Wedding Cake Topper

One of the things we love about hosting so many weddings here at the Hawthorne Hotel is that we get to see many different ideas for the details associated with weddings.  Here are some photos of a cute idea for a very different "bride and groom" cake topper.  These are chocolate-dipped strawberries for him and her, decorated as the groom in his tux and the bride in her gown.  We thought they were so cute, we had to share.

We hope you enjoy this idea as much as we did.