Monday, April 30, 2012

Flowers, We Love Flowers

If you have ever been to the hotel, you know that we have fresh flowers both in the window boxes and in the lobby.  We love fresh flowers. In fact, if you purchase our Classic Wedding Package, flowers are part of the package!

Today I thought I would share with you some photos I took of the flowers that were at our Wedding Tasting two weeks ago.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"LOST" Wedding

Running a busy hotel that does lots and lots of weddings means we get to see all kinds of different weddings. That was certainly the case this week, when we were chosen to host a wedding on a Monday night, specifically on Monday April 23. The first question I think that crossed all of our minds was why a wedding on a non-holiday Monday night? This is an unusual occurrence to say the least.
So when I found out about it, I asked to speak with the happy couple to learn just what prompted such a date, and I learned a little bit more about the now-famous television series called "LOST" and the people who constitute(d) their avid fan base.
Adam Ruiz and Jaquelyn (Jacquii) Merrill were both fans of the show, and they actually met in an on-line forum for such fans.  Over time their friendship deepened, she in California going to USC and he in Ohio.  They eventually met in person, she eventually moved to Ohio, and that friendship resulted in a much more lasting relationship culminating in their marriage here this week.
So how do a couple living in such far-away states decide to get married at the Hawthorne Hotel?  Well, she is from Billerica, and when they began to look for places to have their wedding, the Hawthorne Hotel seemed like a good place because they both really like Salem a lot, she had been to a wedding here some years before and enjoyed it, and since they would have a number of people coming from out of town, having the wedding in a hotel in a town where there were other things to do very proximate to the hotel would also be a good thing.

Here are some of the unique things they did to add a bit of "LOST" to their wedding, and to show their friends and family how much their meeting over a television show meant to them.

The tables did not have numbers but were named for the "stations" in the show.  The stations were represented by symbols that you can see below.

Rather than a wedding cake, a cupcake tower with more "LOST" symbolism was their choice.

Oh, yes, and why the Monday date?  Well, evidently there were a series of numbers that ran through the show, appearing in many different ways, all seeming to point to something important.  Those numbers were 4, 8, 15, 23 and 42.  So when deciding their wedding date, they had those numbers to consider, and they chose 4/23 for a variety of personal reasons.

If you, like me, never watched the show, here is a link on Wikipedia that gives you more information:

LOST Television Series

I hope you enjoy learning more about this unique wedding, here at the Hawthorne Hotel.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Nice Comment on our Hawthorne Hotel FaceBoook Page

I just received notification that this comment was posted on our hotel's FaceBook page:

"Thank you to the wedding coordinator, event coordinators, servers, concierge, bartenders, waitstaff-- everyone at the Hawthorne for making our wedding an extraordinary day. Our guests were flocking to us during our reception this past Saturday to tell us it was the best wedding they had ever been to. We had so much fun, great food, great drinks, and most of all we felt welcomed by your incredible staff. Thank you for a wonderful, A+ event and for helping us create so many memories that we will have with us for the rest of our lives. I recommend the Hawthorne Hotel x100! Much appreciation, Billy and Jen Hartford"

It does not get much better than this!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

A "Real Wedding" at the Hawthorne Hotel

This week we received an email from one of our recent brides.  She was sharing excellent news with her Hawthorne Hotel Catering Manager, Christine Turner, and Christine reached out to her, and received permission from her to share it here.  I hope you enjoy seeing a "Real Wedding" at the historic Hawthorne Hotel.


From: Kristie C
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 1:07 PM
To: Christine Turner

Hi Christine,

Hope all is well!

Just wanted to share- my photographer submitted our wedding to Beantown Bride and it was featured today as a "Real Wedding" with the Hawthorne listed as our venue:

Take care!

Kristie C. C.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lovely Hawthorne Hotel Wedding Photos

Courtesy of David LaChapelle of Amore Photography.
In the Lobby, in front of the Grand Ballroom

On the Common, in the Bandstand, next door to the Hawthorne Hotel

Across the Street from the Hawthorne Hotel in the side yard of the Andrew Safford House

In the Hawthorne Hotel, such a beautiful couple!