Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Weddings at the Hawthorne and a connection for us all

Carl and Erin Topp, celebrating their 20th anniversary in June of 2006

One of the lovely things about working at the Hawthore Hotel is meeting couples like Carl and Erin Topp, who were married right here, 20 years ago. It is so nice that we are able to be here, year after year, providing a 'touch-stone' for people who want to come and celebrate their fond memories of their special days.

Having the National Trust and HHA to help us market ourselves as part of a group of historic hotels, which in turn helps to keep us all in business, so that we will be here year after year, helping to preserve such memories.

In visiting with the Topps, Marianne Stewart, one of our Dining Services Managers, learned that the place where they were married, within our building, has been changed to another use, but their reception took place upstairs in a meeting room that is still there. She said they were just as happy this evening as they were with their meals and their event, 20 years ago.

Congratulations, Carl and Erin. We look forward to welcoming you back, year after year, at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel.


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