Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Hawthorne Hotel is a touchstone for many happy couples

Here are Susan and Bob Parks, who were here to celebrate their third wedding anniversary this past week. She made arrangements with our catering office to surprise him with a duplicate of their cake top, decorated just as their wedding cake had been, and served to them in their guest room.

We thought that was so sweet, so we asked if we could blog this happy celebration and they agreed! As they were visiting with us here, they were talking about this special event, and happened to be sitting right next to a couple that was here looking over our facility for their upcoming wedding reception. Overhearing this conversation made the prospective clients rethink the fact that they were considering a country club or function facility where they would NOT be able to return each year for their anniversary.

One of the nicest parts about getting married in a historic hotel is the fact that we honor and preserve memories -- something that not every business takes into consideration.

We hope to be able to help you have a touchstone venue as part of your special day. Perhaps you too need to stop by and let our professional catering staff assist you?


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