Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Special 50th Wedding Anniversary

This past weekend we had a very special 50th wedding anniversary here at the Hawthorne Hotel. It was the anniversary of John and Joanne Coppola, who were married right here at the Hawthorne Hotel in 1958. In fact, we have a photo that was part of the anniversary invitation for you to see that they were right upstairs in the Pickman Room, posed in front of the fireplace there.

So when we found out, we asked if we could blog their photo of this weekend's celebration as well, and they happily agreed.

Several other things that made this so special were that this party was a complete surprise party, arranged for by their son, Michael. He arranged to have them come for an overnight stay and getaway, to celebrate their anniversary, and told them he and a couple other people would meet them here for brunch. He didn't tell them what a party he had planned, and they were completely surprised. What a nice thing for him to do!

And, they got married exactly on June 15, which, that year was also Father's Day. You can tell that Michael is a wonderful son, to honor not only his Father, but also his Mother, in this special way.

We love being part of these terrific "life events" here at the Hawthorne Hotel, and hope you enjoy learning about them too.

Can we plan a special event for you?


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