Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Family Celebrates

Nine years ago today, Lauren and Victor were married here at the Hawthorne Hotel. They have been coming back every year to celebrate, and this is the first year that they were able to bring their children, William who is three, and Caroline, who is nearly five.

As they were sitting in Nathaniel's to have dinner tonight, they saw Claire Kallelis, who was their wedding coordinator that night. We asked Claire to pose for this photo with them, as a remembrance of that special night. Evidently they were VERY pleased with how Claire ran their wedding for them.

We are so happy to have our guests come back again and again -- thanks Lauren, Victor, William and Caroline, for celebrating your milestone at the Hawthorne Hotel.

We hope to see you again soon.


P.S. One of the extra-nice things about being married in an historic hotel is that you know there is a dedication to preservation inherent in the business, and you can be pretty certain that the hotel will be around for years to come, for just such events as the celebration of an anniversary. You can't be sure the same thing is going to happen when you get married in a wedding hall, because those buildings are only built for a single purpose, and when someone finds a different use for that parcel of land, the building could be gone just as quickly as it was put up.

The other nice thing is just what you see happening here -- a couple who CAN come back every year to celebrate, because our hotel has two restaurants where you can celebrate these kinds of family events without having to book the entire function hall. When you have your reception in a reception hall, there is no place there to come as an individual, as there is in a hotel.

Even having a reception at just any hotel does not mean that that hotel will be around for your 25th anniversary -- many purpose built hotels are often torn down by the time they reach even the 15 or 20 year mark, because it is cheaper to build a new building, then to renovate a cheaply built structure.

There are many things to think about when choosing a place to hold your wedding reception. This is a small thing, but it could be important to you down the road.

I hope you enjoy this different look at the Hawthorne Hotel as a place for such an important event.

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