Monday, March 29, 2010

Trash the Dress

A wedding photographer from Brazil started following me on Twitter.
I clicked on his links, and found some awesome wedding photography there, but what piqued my interest was his 'trash the dress' series. Have any of you heard of this practice?

Just curious if I am so much out of the loop, or is this a new trend? The photos are really awesome, but there is no doubt that by the end of a shoot like this, your wedding dress would be trash. Do these brides have two dresses, or do they do this shoot after the actual wedding reception?

Since I can't read Portuguese, I can't see if there is any information on his website or blog.

(here is a link to his website, in case you are curious, too after reading this blogpost -- )

Fair wedding blog readers, any thoughts?

Curious, I remain,


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  1. I've heard of this a lot on the wedding chat boards. It's a newer thing.. and some girls buy two dresses and some trash their own. I've heard though that this is more popular to do post-divorce, rather than post wedding.

    Either way- awesome pictures but what a way to waste money! It'd be fun but is it worth it?!

    Steph T