Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wedding in a Week

Earlier in this blog I noted that a couple had booked their wedding reception just one week before their wedding. Here are some photos from that wedding that took place this past Sunday.

Not every wedding that takes place at the Hawthorne Hotel needs to be a large wedding, as you can see from these photos. Casual, small weddings also take place here, and our experienced staff is so well-versed at what they do, they can handle even something like a "wedding in a week" as we did for this happy couple.
This wedding reception took place in our function room called Sophia's. It is a lovely room with windows on two sides, and a beautiful crystal chandelier. This wedding was for about 50 guests, and there was still room for a dance floor, a bar, the DJ and the cake table.
If you are planning a smaller wedding, and thought that the Hawthorne Hotel was only for larger, "grand ballroom" weddings, you may want to think again!
If you want more information, call our catering staff at 978-825-4358.
I hope to see your wedding reception, here at the Hawthorne Hotel.
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