Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Happens When. . . . ?

When you blend a family reunion with a wedding, what does that become?  Well, in the case of this lovely family it becomes an awesome little party with some lovely extra touches.

When this event was booked it was for a family reunion.  Some place along the way it became the venue for a lovely small wedding.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the photos.

 This cupcake "tree" is one of the yummiest, most tempting that I have seen.  It was all I could do not to "snitch" one of these delicious-looking cupcakes.

 The chairs designated for the Bride and Groom are to be expected, but I loved the special seat for the "Ring Bearer" who I also met at breakfast that morning.  He even had on a tee-shirt designating him as the Official Ring Bearer.  Too cute!  Great memories!!
 Even the Candy Station was in miniature, but still very nicely done.
This certainly shows that not every wedding has to be a huge affair, and that you can probably afford a wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel if you really want one here.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos.


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