Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ballroom setup with Dance Floor at the Parking Lot End

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The Grand Ballroom is set up here for 150 persons.

Usually we set up the Ballroom with the dance floor in the middle of the room, with the DJ or band right next to the kitchen doors. That particular set-up does have its advantages.

From time to time we get requests for this alternative style of set-up, with the dance floor and DJ or band at the end near the parking lot. I shot some photos of this alternative setting just for the wedding blog, so that you could see it. The majority of the other shots on this blog have the dance floor in the location near the kitchen doors.

Additionally, this set-up had chair covers with black sashes, something we don't see very often. So the photos serve a dual purpose.

By the way, the yellow-tinged photos were shot using a tripod and existing light, and the other less-yellow photo was shot with a flash and digitally lightened. Neither are great photos, but they were the best I could get with the little digital camera we keep here for this purpose. Makes me think I should look for a better camera!


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