Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Organization is the Key to a Great Wedding

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Here you can see Christine Turner, on the left, posing with Betsy, a mother of the bride, on our stairs in the lobby of the Hawthorne Hotel. The mother had to be the 'person on the ground' while the bride planned her wedding long-distance from Australia!

When Betsy came to meet with Christine she had a folder full of things, which she spread out on the conference room table. When our ultra-organized Christine 'strongly suggested' that Betsy get a binder, to make her life easier, and more organized, Betsy went right out and got one, and put everything in it. At their next meeting Betsy was happy and proud to show off this binder to Christine, and they both thought this would make a nice story for our wedding blog.

So, a word to the wise -- get your binder BEFORE you come to meet with Christine, and you will get off on exactly the right start with her.


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