Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Guests Are Our Best Advertisement

We have to admit, we advertise only to keep our image as 'top of mind' because the overwhelming way we get our wedding business is by referrals. Time after time, when we ask the question "What made you choose the Hawthorne Hotel?" we learn that someone either had had a wedding here, or had attended a wedding here, or knew someone who had a great experience here.

The following is another nice email which demonstrates that thought. Of course, it made our day this week. This was from a wedding couple from this past weekend:

I wanted to take a minute this morning as life adjusts back to normal and say THANK YOU! The wedding was great. Everyone has commented on what a good time they had and how excellent the food was and Liz made it so easy for us and took a lot of the stress and worry away by just taking care of things. The room looked great and all the details came together well. Start to finish Kate and I had fun, even Steve the limo driver was EXCELLENT.

I hope to hear from you, too. And don't forget, now you can call your compliments in to our blog. Just click on the "Call Me" button to in the column to the right of this post.


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