Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some Unique Touches to Friday Night's Wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel


Judy and Glen, whose wedding is pictured above, had some unusual elements that we don't often get to see. The most exciting was the arch of swords provided by the honor guard.

The most touching was the groom's cake that the bride provided as a surprise for her new husband. It is emblazoned with a family crest that the groom’s father (who is deceased) made years ago. As a boy Glen would stamp all his books and papers with this crest. The bride had the groom’s mom search for it and found it. She then provided it to the cake decorator to inscribe on the groom's cake.

This couple specifically wanted this date of Leap Year when they booked.

All of these very romantic touches made a wedding night to remember, and one we and they, enjoy sharing with you.


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  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    What else to say you should have been there!! It was very exciting. Seeing the Honor Guard and all those people dressed in Military uniforms made this a night to remember.