Thursday, December 24, 2009

Stephanie is Planning Her Wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel

As I was making my way through the hotel yesterday afternoon, I ran into these two charming young women right here in the entrance to the Ballroom. I stopped to ask if they needed any assistance, and introduced myself, only to find out that I knew the bride, Stephanie (on the left) through posts on Twitter.
Steph and her maid of honor were here working on some of the fun details of her upcoming wedding. After their meeting with our staff member, they enjoyed some food and drinks in front of the fireplace in the Tavern -- altogether a great afternoon as I learned in a message from Steph this morning on Twitter.
You can be sure we will be following Steph in her wedding plans, and featuring it on this blog!
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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! visiting the hotel with my maid of honor was so much fun! she was thrilled to see the gorgeous ballroom. I am in law school so I have limited planning time. We used the visit as a sort of kick off event for me to get some major planning done... and it worked!

    Thank you!!

    Steph Teebagy

  2. Juli Lederhaus12:52 PM

    Nice to meet you in person.

    Wait until you see today's blog post. There is a great slide show of a wedding on another blog. I posted a link to it.


    Happy New Year!!